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How to Find Top Recession Jobs

November 23rd, 2009

Economic issues have been part of our life for some years, it give negative effect to common business. Some extraordinary business can survive easily. This situation give some tricky condition to any job seeker, since any common business wont accept any new employee since economical issue.
How to Find Top Recession Jobs photoWith recession hovering around, job security has become a concern for everyone. Worries of losing one’s job anytime become imminent and inevitable as companies start declaring bankruptcy. Recession affects everyone especially those who will find themselves looking for a job. And if it happens you are one of them, look at the bright side. There are jobs available, just start looking for them. Here are a few tips on how to find top recession jobs.

1. Re-establish yourself by doing a Self Evaluation. Know your strengths. If you have not been assessing yourself over the last few years because you were so busy with your job, this may be a good time do it.
2. Identify your skills and trainings. Recession proof jobs seek people who have the necessary skills.
3. List your job skills and experiences. Employers will always look at your capabilities. List them down as they may find the right person to do the job in you.
4. Prepare your resume. A professionally done and well presented resume may do the trick. This is not the time for you to save and cut cost. It is time for you to highlight your skills, experiences and accomplishments.
5. List down secure industries. You may want to have a look at the stock market to check out which industry is holding on and which ones are getting out of shape.
6. Do job search. Knowing what is most needed at this time will allow you to align your perspectives. There are lots of internet sites which offer how to find top recession jobs and you may do an online search. It would be good to focus on the skills required at the moment and highlight those experiences you have gained relevant to the job.
7. Prepare for interviews. This is an opportunity for you to present and sell yourself. So be ready for it. Look good and be professional. If you make a good impression on your interviewer, chances are you get to have a shot at the job and finally get that position.
8. Keep on doing the cycle. Life is a learning process. If you did not get the job, move on and proceed with the next opportunity. Do not stop. A wheel keeps on rolling on and moving forward to reach the destination. And so are you, do not quit and stay focused.

Here are some industries where you may find top recession jobs:

1. Education. People will still go to school and finish their schooling. Families will cut household budget but will spare the education of their kids.
2. Health Care. Everybody get sick and old. No one is exempted. And as the population keep on rising, there is a need for more medical professionals.
3. Security. The government will always enforce the laws. During recession, there is a need to ensure the safety of everyone.
4. International Business. If you cannot find it here, then fly and soar like an eagle. Other countries may need your expertise and services. Do business and trade with them. It is also a great way of helping the economy to slowly move up.
5. Environmental and Waste Management. Reducing energy cost will always be a priority in recession so expect more jobs in this industry.

During recession, job security is the most important. You have to let go of your preferences especially of your ego. Always prepare yourself and hopefully the above tips on how to find top recession jobs may help you even a bit. As mentioned, the wheel has to keep on rolling and moving forward until it reaches the destination. Good Luck.

Need for Speed

November 21st, 2009

Need for Speed photoMy collection of car toys is beyond compare, I guess. Nobody in my school has as complete collection as I do. Most common brands of common cars are there in my car box; Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Peugeot, Ford, BMW, Audi and others. There are many toy shops in this city and I am quite eager to save my allowance just to buy a brand new car toys.

I even have the prototype toy of Mercedes benz c-class, and it is really similar to the real car my school principal has though the color is different. And mine is sportier, just like a car of Need for Speed on console game. This kind of car tends to be better as sports car than just a touring or office car. With elegant performance and dynamic style of a racing machine, this car must have at least been leading on every race track. Well, it is just an opinion of a teenager like me.

O yes, about some new types of sports cars I own, I must have thanked my uncle who has given me his car accessories that resemble to the real car he has just bought – a Nissan GT-R. Wow! It is a real car of speed! I happened to see inside of his car and find a lot of best advance features on the dashboard control. This car is incredible! I am really lucky to get only the toy of it. It is enough for me for this time. Thanks uncle!